SEAD: The Importance of Super-Efficient Appliances for Cooling & Heating

Event Information

This event is part of the CEM Senior Officials’ Meeting and Mi Annual Gathering taking place on 20-23 March 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Almost half of energy demand for buildings globally was used for space and water heating in 2021, leading to 2450 Mt of direct COemissions. As cooling and heating demand continues to grow so does the need for efficient cooling and heating equipment. Against this background, the side event focuses on effective business models to ensure large scale deployment of efficient cooling and heating technologies.

Cooling, for instance, accounts for the majority of the consumption in the buildings sector in Saudi Arabia. Multiple efforts have been launched in the past few years with the goal of rationalising the energy consumption in buildings. Efforts include the continuous development of regulations, awareness schemes, complemented with incentive programmes to ensure the deployment of energy efficient products and rationalisation of energy use. Reducing energy demand for heating, on the other hand,  has been one of the key priorities for the European Commission, underscoring the importance of strengthening appliance policies.

Opening remarks will be given by Mary Burce Warlick, Deputy Executive Director of the International Energy Agency. The event will be moderated by Edith Bayer, Policy Analyst, International Energy Agency, and will feature presentations from Saudi Arabia on cooling, the European Commission on heating, and others. Following the panel discussion, Jonathan Sinton, Head of Energy Efficiency Hub Secretariat, will provide closing remarks.

The SEAD (Super Efficient Equipment and Appliances Deployment) initiative promotes the manufacture and sale of energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and equipment worldwide while fostering international collaboration to reduce energy use, bills and emissions. SEAD  is a Task Group of the Hub and concurrently an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial.