Exchanging Lessons from the Energy Crisis in Accelerating Efficiency

Event Information

What have governments learned from their efforts to rapidly scale up energy efficiency measures since early 2022? The Energy Efficiency Hub regularly brings officials and experts from Members together to share their experience. This session will bring a global perspective to effective policy approaches in accelerating deployment of efficiency in response to various energy crisis. The session will address questions such as the key challenges in energy efficiency that need to be tackled urgently and the approach that would be taken to address them.

This special event is a part of the IEA’s 8th Global Conference on Energy Efficiency taking place in Versailles, near Paris on 6-8 June.

A keynote address by Clare McLaughlin, Energy Division Head, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, Australia, will be followed by a scene-setting presentation from Brian Motherway, Energy Efficiency Head at the International Energy Agency. Remarks will be given by the European Union, Canada, and France.